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Website Design & Dev

The hallmark of any technology / marketing company worth their salt. We've been making websites for over a decade, always staying ahead of the trends. Whether you need a new site or a re-design, our focus it to create truly unique user experiences with great design and award-winning content.

Custom Software Development

We build web & mobile apps, automations, integrations, and solve pain points with custom software build-outs to help make your company more efficient and generate ROI. Whether you want to build an application from scratch or convert your legacy tech to a modern system, we have done the full range of projects. This is part of what we do and ties into making both website strategy & marketing tactics more efficient.

Marketing Strategy

Our focus with our marketing clients is strategy first. We utilize the varied experience of the SOHO team to build a completely custom and data driven marketing strategy for your business. Startup or big guys - we've been there, and we've helped them grow.

Blockchain Development +

We're bullish on blockchain, and as such, we've been developing projects in this space before BTC blew up. Whether you need proof of concept, smart contract development, or cryptocurrency development - we're heavy into the development space. Types of projects we love right now: Utility Token Development, Equity Token Development, Asset Token Development, Reputation & Reward Token Development, and Protocol Development. Hit us up to talk blockchain and see how we can build your project out!


We offer custom analytics build-outs as a service. We love analytics so much, we built a custom analytics dashboard for agencies and funded startups. The dashboard automates and customizes your marketing analytics reports for internal use or for your clients. Saving everyone on the team a TON of hours each week that are currently spent on manually compiling static reports and presentations.


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