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Website Design & Dev

The hallmark of any technology / marketing company worth their salt. We've been making websites for over a decade, always staying ahead of the trends. Whether you need a new site or a re-design, our focus it to create truly unique user experiences with great design and award-winning content.

Custom Software Development

We build web & mobile apps, automations, integrations, and solve pain points with custom software build-outs to help make your company more efficient and generate ROI. Whether you want to build an application from scratch or convert your legacy tech to a modern system, we have done the full range of projects. This is part of what we do and ties into making both website strategy & marketing tactics more efficient.

Marketing Strategy

Our focus with our marketing clients is strategy first. We utilize the varied experience of the SOHO team to build a completely custom and data driven marketing strategy for your business. Startup or big guys - we've been there, and we've helped them grow.


We offer custom analytics build-outs as a service. We love analytics so much, we built a custom analytics dashboard for agencies and funded startups. The dashboard automates and customizes your marketing analytics reports for internal use or for your clients. Saving everyone on the team a TON of hours each week that are currently spent on manually compiling static reports and presentations.


Why Us?


We're one step ahead of the game. tech & marketing is all we do.



Kevin Kimick
Co-Founder & CEO

Jimit Karia
Co-Founder & CMO


Kevin is a strategic director specializing in web design & development, custom software development, & marketing strategy. As a website designer for over 10 years Kevin now directs Soho Digital's top notch design and development team. He also has led software project strategy for clients ranging from funded startups to government organizations.

Kevin was born and raised on Long Island, NY and now resides in Manhattan, NY.

Jimit is a marketing data scientist, with a focus on websites, software, and analytics. His expertise includes website design optimization (conversion) as well as software product strategy. His knowledge of website analytics, conversion optimization, and all aspects of building a successful website as a marketing tool are extensive. He has worked with big brands to help increase the ROI on websites & software.
Jimit was raised in Los Angeles, CA and now splits time between Playa Vista, CA and Manhattan, NY (escaping the NY winter months!).

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