Instructions on Looking At Creatives

Not sure how to view your Facebook Ads? Don't worry, we have step by step instructions to help you!


Step 1: Login to your Facebook Ad account. You'll see a page that looks like what is shown below. 

Step 2: On the top left corner of your screen you will see "Business Manager" Click on it.

Step 3: You will see a dropdown after clicking Business Manager. Click on "Power Editor". 


Step 4: Now that you are on the Power Editor page, you can select which account you want to work on. 

In the example shown below, we've selected to work on Detective Diamonds account. 


Step 5: Once you selected which account you like to work on. You can click on which Campaign you want to view. 

So if I want to work on the Custom Quotes Phase 2 campaign you can directly click on it.


Step 6: Now that you've picked which campaign you want to look deeper into. You select which ad set you want to look at. "In a Relationship" is an ad set connected to the Custom Quotes Phase 2 campaign. And by clicking the ad set it will lead you to the individual ads. 


Step 7: Here are all the individual ads under the In a Relationship ad set. To edit each ad, you can hit the Edit button on the top. And to see how your ads are performing, you can scroll to the right.