Discovery Pilot Program

What make our software company unique is that we work to uncover and provide detail on a project before actually building (And spending your $$). Keep in mind that our discovery can be adjusted based on your specifics, but the following is usually 90% sufficient.

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Engagement Playbook

All of the deliverable and more would be included within a comprehensive engagement playbook. In addition, we include details on the first few phases of the project development after the discovery pilot: Resource Plan, Communication Plan, Solution Architecture, UX prototype and Foundation Elements.

You are free to use these deliverables and the playbook to work with another company to build for you. But we have yet to have that happen.

Our tech experts have 25+ years of experience in helping companies prevent technology nightmares AKA technology sh** shows. We do that by putting in the upfront work even before that first line of code is written for that 6 month + mobile/web app project.

This service includes analyzing and putting together a well thought out game plan for the applications architecture, UX / foundation elements, resource planning, communication plan, and much more. When done properly, it’ll keep your project from falling victim to the industry stats below!

  • 52.7% of projects will cost over 189% of their original estimates.
  • 16.2% for software projects that are completed on-time and on-budget
  • 80% of customers are unhappy with their current resource planning implementation
  • There are almost 2x as many major failures currently than just five years ago.

Most tech discovery pilots are completed from start to finish in 6-8 weeks. Work with us and prevent your own nightmare scenario of scope creep, budget creep, resource get the idea.

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